Weekly Meetings at Calvary


  • Pastor & Wife host fellowship with refreshments at 9:30 AM.
  • Bible Study (Sunday School) is at 9:45 for all ages, Nursery is provided! 
  • Adult Sunday School at 9:45 AM,
    • Dr Bruce Baker teaching by ZOOM - Social Distancing available in large fellowship hall
    • A Ladies' Sunday School class is now available
    • Youth Sunday School has resumed. 
  • Worship at 10:45 AM - It's ALL About Jesus! 
    • Currently, we have a socially distance section and a "wide open" section - your choice!


  • First Sunday of every month - Nursing Home Ministry.


  • Ladies meet for Bible Study at 5 PM (call for details, as these classes occur for periods of time, with breaks in between)


  • "Pastor & Men - Tuesdays @ 10" - informal meeting of Pastor and men with coffee, fellowship and a devotional - will meet in Pastor's Conference Room - all men are welcome.


  • Noon - Baptist Student Outreach @ Blinn College.  (As soon as Blinn College is back open to "clubs")
  • NEW -- Evening Service Schedule - Adult Bible Study / Fellowship
    • 5:45-6:15 PM - light meal
    • 6:15-6:45 PM - Informal Bible Study - livestreamed on Facebook - Facebook.com/calvarybrenham
    • 6:45-7PM - wrap up informal discussion "in house".
  • 5:30 PM - Youth Meal "Downstairs" entering from WEST PARKING LOT, with Bible Study and Fellowship at 6 PM

(No evening services are scheduled during some Holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, so please call and check if in doubt.  For example, we never have services on "Thanksgiving Wednesday", as we encourage all our people to be with friends and family.)