Several documents were discussed or made available at the School Board Meeting December 12, 2022

Speaking at the School Board Meeting was an interesting event.  Pastor Tim Webb and I were allowed to speak for a rigidly controlled 3 minutes each (super big countdown timer on the wall, and somebody yelling "one minute" at the two minute mark) with no response from the School Board.  Then, the Superintendent was free to respond to our points with no time limit whatsoever, and no opportunity for rebuttal.  Interestingly enough, regarding School Choice (which the board adamantly opposes), part of his speech had to do with calling for a "level playing ground", which obviously does not exist at School Board Meetings.  But that's another story.

Pastors from were present, and presented concerns about the School Board's Legislative Agenda, along with providing a Draft of a Questionnaire that we wish for all candidates for the May 2023 School Board Election to answer.  The answers from each candidate will be published for review so that voters can make informed decisions as to their vote for School Board Trustees.  Candidates who decline to answer the questions will simply be listed as "Declined to Answer".

The documents...

  1. The letter Tim Webb read as to the "why" of TexasChurchLeaders.
  2. A copy of the Legislative Agenda from the BISD School Board to our State Representatives.
  3. A response to those same representatives from (Kyle Kacal replacing Ben Leman)
  4. A  Draft of a Questionnaire we would like answered by all persons running for School Board in the upcoming May election.

Also, one of the concerns has been over the notion that BISD is teaching a variant of CRT, known as Social Emotional Learning.  The screenshot below shows that to be evident.

brenham ISD SEL highlighted