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The most important thing you can know is that you have accepted Jesus as Savior.  Let us tell you how.

Our Pastor loves this app, because it allows you to have multiple versions of the Bible side-by-side ("parallel Bible"), and you can choose how many versions you compare, and what versions those are.

This Bible App includes all sorts of useful tools, like commentaries, cross references, dictionaries, Greek & Hebrew lexicons, and more.

In general, this seems to be a very good source of answers to questions frequently asked.  We can't possibly endorse it entirely, because we can't read every entry and compare the answers to what we believe, but the theology appears sound.

This is the version of Hymnal we use for worship.  It's the 1991 Baptist Hymnal, and you can search for hymns by title, tune, first line, author, etc.  You can also click an audio button to hear the hymn being played, and view and print the sheet music and/or text.