Calvary is OPEN [update]

First of all - Calvary never closed.  We have been open every Sunday, but with limitations during the Covid pandemic.  Under the guidelines from Austin, we have PLENTY of room on Sunday Morning, along with multiple ingress and egress, and can easily accommodate the recommended safety protocols.   WHEN YOU ARE READY, we will welcome you!   We don't want to rush you, and we will STILL be livestreaming!

Getting Ready

If you want to wear a mask, you can bring your own or we'll have some available for you.  And we'll have hand sanitizer available as you enter and leave.  We have PLENTY of room to meet social distancing guidelines  with every other pew "roped off", and FOUR sections of pews available.  (The 25% occupancy doesn't apply to houses of worship - we just need to be able to facilitate the distancing)

We invite you to come to worship AS YOU ARE READY! We completely understand if you are not quite ready - if you have underlying health concerns, have been sick, have been around somebody who has been sick, or just not quite ready to take that step. This is ONLY for those who want to get back together and, with the proper cautions, want to be "Back in Church".

We will continue to livestream our Morning Service even after this current crisis has passed - and it WILL pass.

We look forward to seeing you soon - when YOU are ready!!!

[UPDATE] For the MOST PART, Calvary is BACK TO NORMAL, and we invite you to come on back to Church!!!


We are back to normal Wednesday Night activities --  Meal and Fellowship at 5:30, Bible Study / Prayer at 6 PM.

YOUTH meetings have resumed!