This Page will be about the Building of our Pavilion

Work has Begun

In order to build our Pavilion, we had to do away with the overhead power lines - or else we would have had to build the Pavilion 15 feet away from them, putting it a lot farther from our existing building.  In the process of planning to move that powerline underground, we discovered quite a number of deficiencies with our other power feeds.

The decision was made to totally redo the power to make it safe, effective and easier to troubleshoot.  Hence, all power from the building will go under the concrete parking lot from the meter pole to the back of the building.  This work is well underway.

  • We have decided that part of our vision for the future involves FELLOWSHIP
  • We have agreed to build a 50' x 75' Open Air Pavilion
  • As part of this, we have found it necessary to totally rework our electrical service.
  • Permit for electrical rework has been granted by the city, and that work is in progress.
  • Soil Sample Borings have been made, and results sent to Engineer.
  • Engineering of slab is in progress, necessary for obtaining building permit.
  • Once Building Permit has been granted, we will authorize our Construction Company to begin work!

Work in progress - September 2023