4/25/2024 - Drainage - solving that muddy water problem


Between the Pavilion and the existing building, we'll have a "French Drain" to carry the water from the Pavilion's Downspouts and the Building's runoff down toward the retention pond.  There will be a solid drain on the other side to carry the water from the downspouts toward the retention pond so it doesn't wash all the red dirt into the retention pond, spilling out into the cul-de-sac behind us.


4/17/2024 - LOTS of things getting done this week!


WOW, things are moving FAST - this week, the electrical work (panel, outlets, lights) is being finished, the "covered walkway" is being worked on, the replacement of the current leaky covering is happening, wheelchair ramps are being installed.  We are seeing so much progress toward completion!


4/3/2024 - The Building is COMPLETE!

The Actual Building is COMPLETE, and we are getting bids for electrical and landscaping, along with the handicap access ramps and walkways.

We will post better pictures, but busy right now getting bids and finishing up details.


3/8/2024 - Roof is on!!!

The Roof is completely finished, and about the only thing that remains is the East Endcap.  They needed to leave it open for the SkyCrane to get in and out, but that will be closing up soon.  They were working on the rain gutters today, and should be finished with 99.9% of everything tomorrow, Saturday.

We will be planning our Building Dedication soon - MAYBE in conjunction with Resurrection Sunday BREAKFAST!  OR, we may might go ahead and schedule the Building Dedication in conjunction with our FISH FRY!



So much has happened in the last few weeks it's hard to put it all here, but suffice it to say that the Pavilion may be COMPLETE by THIS SUNDAY!!!

The "Skeleton" is finished (except for the East End where the SkyCrane has to come in and out) and the top skirting is complete - work on the roof panels is happening today!

It is POSSIBLE (depending on weather) that we may have our Resurrection Sunday Breakfast outdoors in our Pavilion, but certainly our VBS will be utilizing it!


2/8/2024 - Excavation began yesterday - Select Fill today!

Yesterday, the excavator and bobcat showed up to start digging out the area where the Pavilion will be.  Several have commented it's much larger than they had imagined.

Early this morning, a line of trucks appeared to begin dumping select fill into the excavated area to form the basis of the foundation of the concrete pad.  Things are moving very quickly, and it won't be long before concrete trucks show up to begin pouring the foundation.

We will be having a building dedication soon complete with a FISH FRY!


1/26/2024 - Building Permit has been GRANTED - Construction SOON!

We were finally granted our Building Permit, and a Groundbreaking Services was held on Sunday, January 28, 2024.  We expect the arrival of construction equipment any time.  They will begin by scraping the dirt off of the 50'x75' area where the Pavilion will be built, and bringing in select fill (red dirt) to begin the building of the foundation. We are EXCITED!!!

12/27/2023 - Building Permit Application Successfully submitted and acknowledged

It took some effort, as the City of Brenham has moved all application process to a new online service, but we have finally successfully submitted all pertinent material with the actual Building Permit Application.  The City will now consider the information (within 10 days) and let us know of any additional requirements.  A representative of the City Building department has confirmed this morning that "it looks like everything is there".  Hopefully, at the first of the New Year, we'll have our final green light!  The good news is that this does not have to go back to City Council - it's all "internal" now.

12/24/2023 - GREAT NEWS - our Special Use Permit is Approved

Our Special Use Permit has been Approved - this allows us to build our "commercial" building in our residential neighborhood.  (The Church property is located in an area zoned "R1" Residential)  The next step is finishing up our application for the actual Building Permit, which should be completed this week - 12/26-28

Quick Update - Final Vote at City Council today - 12/7/23 - on our Special Use Permit

We need to have a building permit to build the Pavilion, but we needed first to secure a Special Use Permit to be allowed to build, essentially, "a commercial building" in an area zoned "Residential".  We will be hearing input from neighbors, but so far it looks like all green lights for this SUP.  Then we need approval on our actual building permit, and we believe we have all required documentation in, just waiting on the 'green light' for the actual building permit.

This project has become quite expansive, with a concrete cut of our parking lot, the burial of conduit for electrical, the City of Brenham TOTALLY reworking our electrical supply, our electrician totally working our electrical from the meter pole to the building, the pouring of concrete for the cut that was necessary...  PROGRESS!!!

And, with ALL of the power disconnects on that one meter pole, it's much safer for anybody (Fire Department) who needs to cut power for the entire Church Plant.

We are excited about the progress so far, and by today - 9/26 - all major electrical upgrades should be 100% complete, and we can get focused back on the building of the Pavilion.

Work has Begun

In order to build our Pavilion, we had to do away with the overhead power lines - or else we would have had to build the Pavilion 15 feet away from them, putting it a lot farther from our existing building.  In the process of planning to move that powerline underground, we discovered quite a number of deficiencies with our other power feeds.

The decision was made to totally redo the power to make it safe, effective and easier to troubleshoot.  Hence, all power from the building will go under the concrete parking lot from the meter pole to the back of the building.  This work is well underway.

  • We have decided that part of our vision for the future involves FELLOWSHIP
  • We have agreed to build a 50' x 75' Open Air Pavilion
  • As part of this, we have found it necessary to totally rework our electrical service.
  • Permit for electrical rework has been granted by the city, and that work is in progress.
  • Soil Sample Borings have been made, and results sent to Engineer.
  • Engineering of slab is in progress, necessary for obtaining building permit.
  • Once Building Permit has been granted, we will authorize our Construction Company to begin work!

Work in progress - September 2023